Register a trademark? You can currently do so very cheaply!

Do you have a small or medium-sized business and have you been planning to register one or more trademarks for your goods and/or services for some time? Then now is the time to apply for those trademarks. This is because you can currently apply for your trademarks at a discount of as much as 75%. Both at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property(BOIP) and at the European Union Intellectual Property Office(EUIPO). You get the discount when you use the European subsidy schemeIdeas Powered for Business SME Fund“. The grant scheme was initiated by the European Commission and aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises in the European Union protect their intellectual property rights.

Discount rates

For a trademark registration, you pay a fee to the office where you apply for the trademark. The subisidiarity rule applies to both national trademarks in the various member states and European trademarks. The basic fee for a Benelux trademark is normally at least € 244 and for a European Union trademark € 850. Thus, with the application of the subsidy scheme, the basic fee for a Benelux trademark is currently only € 61 and for a European Union trademark € 212.50. You also pay only a quarter of the application fee for additional classes. So a very generous subsidy scheme; especially if you wish to register several trademarks. The subsidy scheme is still valid until 8 December 2023, but under the condition: “first come, first served”. So don’t wait too long! More information on the terms and conditions of the SME voucher can be found here.

We like to think along with you

Do you need advice on applying for your trademark? For example, are you unsure about whether to choose a word or combined word-figurative mark? Or do you need help putting together the right goods and services for which you wish to apply for the trademark? We have a great deal of expertise about trademarks, are happy to think along with you and will work with you to ensure that your trademark soon enjoys optimal protection.

Also read our page on registering trademarks. There you can read all the things you need to consider when filing a trademark application.

Register a trademark? You can currently do so very cheaply!