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Here we are

Wieringa Advocaten is housed on IJdock, literally in the river IJ and close to Central Station (about ten minutes walk). The Palace of Justice, where the superior court of Amsterdam resides, is located on the same artificial island. Our visiting address is IJdok 17, postal code 1013 MM.

Arriving by car

You will reach IJdok street from Westerdoksdijk [s 100]. The street has its own turnoff with traffic light (going right if you arrive from the direction of Central Station and going left if you are driving towards Central Station). After about thirty meters, turn slightly left between the buildings to drive down towards the parking garage.

Once in the garage follow the blue signs on the ceiling to level -2 and there to "ingang kantoren" (entrance offices). Ignore the big glass doors with the white A or B. You then arrive at the end of level -2, where you will see "Ingang Kantoren" in black letters on a white surface. There you will find a doorway and communication with our reception desk. The elevator will bring you to level 0, where the doorstaff can help you along to level four.

Please also refer to the zoomable map below.

Arriving by taxi, bicycle or on foot

If you enter IJdok from the large entryway for cars leading from Westerdoksdijk [s 100], you will find our offices in the first building to the left on the island. The (water)police is housed in the same building downstairs; the entrance to our offices is one door beyond. That entrance is to the right of the entrance for the police and slightly around the corner, which makes it a little harder to see from the road

If you arive on the island from Central Station by means of the bicyclists and pedestrian bridge that leads towards the Palace of Justice, please walk under the Palace towards the left to the street. You will find our offices at the end of the street in the last building on the right

Please also refer to the zoomable map below.

Mailing address:
Postbus 10100
1001 EC Amsterdam
Visiting address:
IJdok 17
1013 MM Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 624 6811
+31 (0)20 627 2278

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