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Healthcare & Non-profit

Over the years, Wieringa has become a household name in the health care sector. We enjoy a long-term relationship with various (academic) hospitals, rehabilitation and invalid care institutions, municipal heath services, and doctors and dental practices.

Health care is constantly in motion. New financing rules, cutbacks and other insights with regard to market forces have caused this industry to go through many changes. Key words are cooperation, market positioning and specialisation. Our years of acquired hands-on knowledge enable us to shape these developments in the right way for your organisation. We know which cooperative structure best suits your wishes, how you implement your specialisation both legally and organizationally, how to adapt your governanceto new regulations.

Our attorneys also advise on matters dealing with privacy, licences, protection of knowledge, participation, and employment and government employment law. Care institutions also know we are there for questions on quality of care, relationships with medical professionals, recognition of educational programmes, as well as developments in the field of financing, (management and development of) real estate, funding and fee rates. Our focus is directed towards eliminating your legal concerns. By pooling the knowledge and expertise of our specialists working in this industry, we are able to quickly penetrate to the heart of the matter and brainstorm together over practical solutions. When legal action proves inevitable, we litigate boldly and efficiently. Litigation may take place in civil or administrative courts, or before grievance or dispute resolution committees, such as the Arbitration Tribunal for Health Care or the Care Institutions Disputes Resolution Committee.

We advise charitable institutions, among other things, on the legal aspects of their campaigns, the transparency of their reports and the requirements set by the Central Fundraising Bureau (CBF) and the Public Benefit Organisations (ANBI) regulations.


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